Ballet Teacher's Update


Training Posture


Saturday 30th October 2021 at 4:00-5:30pm

  • How 'normal' is ballet posture?

  • What are the key components of neutral posture, and how can these inform training?

  • What are some common postural faults, and how best to correct these?

Curious to find out more? Come and join our 90-minute update and discussion with ballet physiotherapist Luke Abnett via zoom, compare experiences with other teachers, and bring along any physical training related questions that keep coming up in your studio.

Passes for the Teachers’ Update are £15.
The session will be recorded and available to view for 2 weeks. The zoom link will be included in your confirmation email. Register via the button here today!


Luke Abnett used to coordinate health care at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden as their sole physiotherapist. He was also an upper school house parent and has seen the many different needs of the ballet student.
Since moving exclusively to private practice he treats ballet injuries, conducts facility optimisation programmes on a variety of skills and physical areas, and runs ballet strengthening classes via zoom and in person (when able!).