Fun and physically challenging classes to improve strength, flexibility and balance!
Led by experienced ballet physiotherapist Luke Abnett.
Three ways to take part online:
Daily Live Classes
Add-on Live Classes (mix and match)
Youtube Classes (in your own time)
Options range from a 45 minute class up to a full 50 hours of classes over 2 weeks (PLUS 10 hours of lessons in your own time) - see below for more!
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Ballet Physio Summer School
27 Jul 2020, 10:00 – 08 Aug 2020, 12:30
Live online classes every day. Each day builds and the week is periodised to allow effective recovery and avoid over-taxing the body. Guaranteed individual corrections with small class sizes.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.00am-3.00pm
     (breaks 11.30-11.45am + 1.15-2.00pm)
Tuesday and Thursday 10.00am-11.30am
Saturday 10.00am-12.30pm
Stand-alone 45-minute online drop-in classes. Pre-registration essential.
Tuesday 28th July
1pm Foot Strength 1 (suitable for pre-pointe dancers or for dancers on pointe to ensure strong foot mechanics)
2pm Foot Strength 2 (suitable for all dancers looking to challenge their foot strength)
Thursday 30th July
1pm Turnout 1 (building control of turnout for the supporting leg)
2pm Mini-Trampoline 1 (building strength of movement patterns for jumping using a mini-trampoline)
3pm Active Flexibility 1 (improving active control of greater flexibility)
Tuesday 4th August
1pm Pirouettes (improve your mechanics for the challenging pirouette!)
2pm Flexible Extensions (improve height of extensions safely with greater strength)
Thursday 6th August
1pm Turnout 2 (building control of turnout of the working leg)
2pm Mini-Trampoline 2 (building strength of allegro for greater height using a mini-trampoline)
3pm Active Flexibility 2 (improving active control of greater flexibility)
(Also available on youtube private replay if you want to participate but the time doesn't suit)
10 hour-long classes accessible by private Youtube link any time over the summer. Perfect for students who want to work at their own pace or who have scheduling clashes.
Topics are as follows:
Physical attributes - Balance, Turnout + Hip Strength, Foot Strength, Fitness, Flexibility.
Balletic skills - Extensions Devant, Extensions a la Seconde, Extensions Derriere, Pirouette, Allegro.

New patients, or dancers yet to be assessed by the Ballet Physio, must include this ticket in their order for a mandatory 15 minute online assessment to be arranged by email via - assessments must be completed at least a day before the class.
This pass offers a discount for everything over the two weeks:
🦄 Both weeks of daily classes
🦄 All Add-on classes
🦄 The Youtube course
(The '+' is for a bonus half-hour one-to-one with the Ballet Physio to
help fine-tune any particular challenge areas)
This pass is perfect if you're available for one of the two weeks and you want to enjoy everything on offer for the week:
🦄 All daily classes that week
🦄 All Add-on classes for the week
This pass includes all daily classes for one of the two weeks. You can still purchase additional add-ons separately so you can mix and match classes to suit your needs.
Buy tickets individually for only those add-on classes you're interested in. Can be bought alone or in addition to the daily class passes.
£10 each
Unlock private youtube access to 10 hours of classes to enjoy in your own time. This pass covers the full set of classes.

Summer School FAQs

What equipment do I need?

You will need regular ballet attire, a mat or something to cushion the floor, water bottle, hand towel, and TheraBand. You may also need a chair or barre, pilates ball or sofa cushion, a yoga block or thick book, and two light hand weights (including books, ankle weights or water bottles). You will also need a safe place to work with enough space around you to developpe in all directions and enough floor space for floor exercises.


Ballet Physio Summer School
27 Jul 2020, 10:00 – 08 Aug 2020, 12:30

Who can attend the Summer School?

The Ballet Physio Summer School is designed for 11-17 year old vocational ballet students. Vocational dance or musical theatre students will find it useful also. Keep an eye out for some one-off classes for younger dancers also.

I can't make the set times of the classes - is there a way for me to still take part?

I usually participate live but I have to miss the odd class due to a timetable clash - what can I do?

Class participants agree to having our zoom meeting recorded for the sole purpose of being made available via private, non-transferable youtube link available only to the email used in registration. This is uploaded shortly after each class and remains available for the week of the ticket.

I have tried to view the youtube recording but am having troubles accessing it - what can I do?

The link provided is only accessible by the email account you register with. This means you need to ensure you are logged into youtube with that same email address before youtube will grant you access. This is important for maintaining privacy of those in the class.

Please email if you have any questions not answered here.

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