Spring Half Term Programme

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It takes more to stand out in class than ever before.

It's been weeks since your teachers have seen you in the studio!

Sudden changes in workload back in the studio can put bones, ligaments and muscles at risk of injury.

Let's solve all of these problems at once:


the Ballet Physio Half Term Programme!

Now open to younger ages as well, there's something here for every young dancer to improve.


All live on zoom, or via on-demand private youtube replay

1. Daily Advanced Conditioning Classes

🦄 Whole-body ballet-specific workout which progresses through the week

🦄 Previous participation in Ballet Physio classes essential

🦄 Dancers 11-18 years old

🦄 5 sessions

Monday to Friday 9.00am-10.30am, £72


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2. Junior Conditioning Classes

🦄 Explore essential elements of control and activation


🦄 Learn how your body works optimally and safely


🦄 Whole body exercises


🦄 New to the Ballet Physio!

🦄 Dancers 8-10 years old

🦄 3 sessions

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10.45-11.30am, £26

(new patients require a New Assessment ticket in addition - see below)

3. Fundamental Conditioning Classes

🦄 Best as a first class with the Ballet Physio

🦄 Do you know WHAT you want to work on but not sure HOW?

🦄 Whole body conditioning - focus on safety and accuracy

🦄 Ensure fine-tuned detail is in place for complex ballet skills

🦄 This class is a pre-requisite before joining the Advanced class

🦄 Suitable for past participants wanting to revisit the fundamentals

🦄 Dancers 11-18 years old

🦄 3 sessions

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4-5pm, £45 (includes a brief online assessment which needs to be scheduled before the first class)

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7. Hip + Leg Strength

🦄 Turnout, elevated adage, height of allegro.

🦄 Develop strong legs without tight hip flexors or 'bulking up the quads'

🦄 Dancers 11-18 years old

​Wednesday 12.00-1.30pm, £15

(new patients require a New Assessment ticket in addition - see below)

4. Balanced Posture + Core

🦄 Posture is one of the most common corrections given by teachers


🦄 The core is important for safety and clean balletic technique


🦄 Fun + challenging exercises to discover and strengthen optimal posture.

🦄 Dancers 11-18 years old

Monday 12.30-2.00pm, £15

(new patients require a New Assessment ticket in addition - see below)

5. Strong Feet

🦄 Ballet-specific strengthening for pointe-work, allegro, pirouettes and balance

🦄 Dancers 11-18 years old, boys and girls

Tuesday 10.45am-12.15pm, £15

(new patients require a New Assessment ticket in addition - see below)

6. Strong Flexibility

🦄 The missing link of flexibility - the strength to control and use it

🦄 Safe exercises to improve control of greater range - higher extensions, deeper backbends, easier splits

🦄 Dancers 11-18 years old

Tuesday 12.30-1.30pm, £10

(new patients require a New Assessment ticket in addition - see below)

8. Fitness + Allegro

🦄 Transform your allegro from potential weakness into a strength!


🦄 Studies show dancers who train cardiovascular fitness perform aesthetically and technically better than their peers


🦄 A weekly run won't cut it


🦄 Jumping while tired risks injury - prevent the fatigue!

🦄 Dancers 11-18 years old

Wednesday 1.45-2.45pm, £10

(new patients require a New Assessment ticket in addition - see below)

New Online Assessment

All new patients require a New Online Assessment as a professional physiotherapy requirement. Please add this to your basket and email admin@balletphysio.com with some preferred times to secure an appointment. The assessment must be completed before 13th February and usually lasts around 15 minutes. £15

9. Hypermobility Training

🦄 Discover how to work with swayback knees, bend ankles, a flexible spine


🦄 Learn how to find a strong neutral alignment


🦄 Prevent joint pains from 'sitting' at the end of range


🦄 Dancers 11-18 years old

​Thursday 12.15-1.45pm, £15

(new patients require a New Assessment ticket in addition - see below)


Luke Abnett specialises in ballet physiotherapy, getting his start being the sole physiotherapist at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden. He was also a house parent to the graduating year and these experiences give him an expertise in vocationally training dancers. Known for his unique brand of fun and encouraging classes, he enjoys seeing dancers pick up new skills to enhance their ballet training.

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Who should attend the course?

Classes are aimed at vocational ballet students (aged 8-10 or 11-18 depending on the class) who are seeking to improve their facility (ie the natural areas of strength and flexibility in the body). All new patients are required to have a brief online assessment prior to the first class - please email admin@balletphysio.com to schedule.

What should I wear to the class?

Comfortable ballet attire will be best - the more I can see the more I can correct and help you! Leotard, perhaps with shorts or baggies if desired.

What equipment do I need?

Mostly just yourself, ballet attire, a mat, and zoom and wifi access. Commonly used equipment includes theraband, yoga/pilates blocks, light hand weights, a cushion.

I've missed the start but I'm still interested to join - is this possible?

Yes! As all classes are recorded for class participants, you can catch up on the replay and join us live afterwards.

I have to miss a class because of a clash - what can I do? Also: I really want to do the class but I can't make that time -what can I do?

Due to the fact we record each online class for the signed-up participants of the class, if you sign up but can't make the time you will still have access to the replay. You will hear and see the corrections I give to the dancers in the live room, which will help you to apply these cues to your own performance. (You can also email me a short clip of you doing an exercise you're really not sure of and I can offer some advice!)

I can't access the youtube replay - what can I do?

Please check that you are logged into youtube using the email address you registered for the course. You will need to have a youtube account with that email address. This is so youtube recognises you to give you permission to view, and is an important privacy setting for us. Sometimes it helps to log out and then in again, or to restart your device and re-log-in.

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