Personalised Programmes

Post-lockdown, some face-to-face appointments are again available, however many conditions can be well-managed via online appointments. Also, the majority of those seeking technique enhancement work find that online sessions are effective and much more convenient.

Fees for online appointments are lower (see below), and they are also useful for those who are not readily accessible to central London. Please click the button to the right to pre-purchase your consultation and then arrange an appointment time by emailing

Personalised Programmes

Personalised Conditioning Programme
Online £233
In-Person £325

Includes 1 hour initial and 4 x 1/2 hour follow-ups. For general strengthening and conditioning programme to improve the physical basis for strong and clean technique.

Facility Optimisation Plan
Online £316
In-Person £430

Includes 1 hour initial and 4 x 1 hour follow-ups. For focused biomechanics and exercise-based strengthening of a specific technique challenge, eg extensions, turnout, pirouettes etc.

Conditioning Programme Extension Package
Online £205
Includes 5 x 1/2 follow-ups. Designed to be used after an initial Programme/Plan to help imbed your conditioning programme.




Luke is a physiotherapist specialising in ballet medicine who used to be the sole physiotherapist at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden (whilst also being a house parent to the graduating year) and offers insights into the elite training world in amongst exercises specifically designed for vocational students.