Injury risk is highest when dancers return to training after a prolonged break. I know from working with vocational dance students over many years that the worst injuries and those which require the most time off from ballet are sustained in the Autumn term immediately following the summer break.

The Ballet Physio Workshop is designed to build strength, control and functional flexibility after the Summer. Exercises which help activate ballet muscles and improve neural firing, balance and coordination can reduce the risk of injury and improve balletic technique.

Dancers should bring the following with them:

- Water bottle

- Floor mat or towel

- Leotard/unitard

- Flat ballet shoes

- Lunch

- Theraband/massage ball/anything else normally

found in their ballet bag

The Ballet Physio is required to collect personal

information about all 'patients', so please complete

the registration link below. Some additional

information is sought to help prepare the workshop

to be as specific to the attendees as possible. No

information will be shared with any third parties.

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