Half Term is a great opportunity to explore new ways of strengthening the body during lockdown to enhance the other online work you do during the term. This half term, the Ballet Physio is providing a menu of TEN stand-alone classes to sample. This will help to cover a broad range of exercises for many different facets of dance.
New patients, or dancers who have yet to be assessed by the Ballet Physio, must purchase a New Assessment ticket in addition to their classes. This will take 15 minutes and is mandatory before the first class - please email to arrange a time in advance of the class. (Please be aware that half-term is a busy time for the ballet physio - best get in early!) Then just add a ticket for each class you're interested in!
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This is the timetable for the week. My usual daily Conditioning Classes (more information below) including Bonus Classes will run during half term as normal. Also running as usual are the next classes in my Pre-Pointe, Mini-Trampoline Allegro, and Flexible Extensions courses.
Each class listed below is 45 minutes, and individual tickets are £10:
BALANCE: Working both static balance for higher extensions and dynamic balance for cleaner turns.
ADVANCED POINTE: Strengthening exercises to help you stay up higher and longer.
PIROUETTES: Exercises for balance, coordination and control of both En Dehors and En Dadans turns.
PRE-POINTE: Skills to perfect before starting pointe-work.
EXTENSIONS 1 (devant): Core strength, weight placement, supporting leg strength and working leg strength for devant and a la seconde extensions.
EXTENSIONS 2 (derriere): Exercises to target the specific challenges of extending the leg behind.
CORE: Ballet-specific core exercises to improve abdominal strength better than crunches!
TURNOUT: Working on improving turnout control of both a working and supporting leg.
ALLEGRO: Explore safer sequencing and strengthening for higher jumps.
ACTIVE FLEXIBILITY AND RECOVERY: A great way to end the week with recovery hacks to have you ready faster to work again next week!



Now in its 10th week, the Ballet Physio Conditioning Classes are a fun way to build your ballet facility so that your online ballet classes are even more effective. Exercises to improve strength, coordination, optimal muscle activation, active flexibility and stamina are periodised across the week to facilitate progressive adaptations within the body to get the most out of each class. I am committed to providing this class as long as UK schools remain physically closed. Registration opens the week before. My goal is for ballet teachers to be pleasantly shocked at how strong, balanced and controlled dancers look from the first class back in the studio!

Please register for the Conditioning Class or any of the above one-off classes below.

Conditioning Class FAQs

What equipment do I need?

You will need regular ballet attire, a mat or something to cushion the floor, water bottle, hand towel, and TheraBand. You may also need a chair or barre, pilates ball or sofa cushion, a yoga block or thick book, and two light hand weights (including books, ankle weights or water bottles). You will also need a safe place to work with enough space around you to developpe in all directions and enough floor space for floor exercises.

What passes are available?

The Conditioning Class pass (£52) covers all six daily classes - 10-11am Monday-Friday, and 10-11.30am on Saturday.

Ballet Physio May Half Term Classes

The Bonus Pass (£81 for the week) includes the Conditioning Classes as above, and additionally a focused class from 11-11.30 Monday to Friday and 11.30am-12.15pm on Saturday addressing a particular facet of dance, for example core strength, pirouettes, extensions, flexibility etc.

Any dancer new to the Ballet Physio requires a mandatory 15 minute online assessment before joining any class. This is available under a 'New Assessment' ticket and is required only once. Returning dancers are exempt from this. Please email to arrange an appointment time before the first class.

I can't make the set times of the classes - is there a way for me to still take part?

I usually participate live but I have to miss the odd class due to a timetable clash - what can I do?

Class participants agree to having our zoom meeting recorded for the sole purpose of being made available via private, non-transferable youtube link available only to the email used in registration. This is uploaded shortly after each class and remains available for the week of the ticket.

I have tried to view the youtube recording but am having troubles accessing it - what can I do?

The link provided is only accessible by the email account you register with. This means you need to ensure you are logged into youtube with that same email address before youtube will grant you access. This is important for maintaining privacy of those in the class.

Please email if you have any questions not answered here.

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