Easter Workshop Series - Vocational Students

'Your body needs complete rest over the holidays' is one of the most common myths in ballet training. Controversial? Let me explain.

Of course you need to include rest in your training plan - some rest each day, each week, and in other periods during the year. This is important for your mind as it is for your body. However, too much rest can quickly lead to deconditioning, meaning that your technique worsens, your muscles weaken, your ability to use those muscles efficiently decreases, your bones and tendons lose their robust structure.. The list goes on. It is therefore important to maintain some form of physical activity over the Easter break - three weeks is too long to do nothing.


The upside? Three weeks away from school gives you the opportunity to work in different ways, focus on different aspects of dance, and enjoy som added variety in your training. Welcome to the Easter Workshop Series.


                                                    The Ballet Physio runs a series of five workshops each three hours long. Each

                                                    workshop has a central component which addresses the basic balletic

                                                    requirements for your facility - core strength, turnout strength, foot strength,

                                                    and back strength - including new exercises, group exercises and mat-based

                                                    exercises, all interspersed with balletic practice so students can apply these

                                                    benefits immediately.


                                                    Additionally, each class takes a specific focus as well. This year, we have:

                                                    Extensions: addressing leg strength of both supporting and working legs

                                              Balance 1 (static) and 2 (dynamic): addressing control of body position in adage

                                                    and pirouettes

                                                    Allegro 1 (petit) and 2 (grand): addressing height of jump, control of jumping

                                                    placement, and stamina


Each class is stand-alone and can be booked separately, and the second class in a series (eg Allegro 2) builds on the first class to make each of the five classes beneficial in their own elements. All classes run from 12-3pm at Danceworks, 16 Balderton Street, London W1K 6TN. Classes are targeted at vocational ballet students aged 11-16, but would also benefit older students.


Tuesday 7th April: Workshop 1 Extensions

Thursday 9th April: Workshop 2 Allegro 1

Tuesday 14th April: Workshop 3 Balance 1

Thursday 16th April: Workshop 4 Allegro 2

Tuesday 21st April: Workshop 5 Balance 2

Dancers will need:

- Water bottle

- Towel

- Leotard/unitard (and pointe shoes if used)

- Theraband

(and anything else you might usually carry to

ballet class)


Please register below to secure your place -

spaces are strictly limited.


Please email Luke at luke@balletphysio.com if you have any difficulties with the registration process.

  • Easter Ballet Workshop 5 Balance 2
  • Easter Ballet Workshop 4 Allegro 2
  • Easter Ballet Workshop 3 Balance 1
  • Easter Ballet Workshop 2 Allegro 1
  • Easter Ballet Workshop 1 Extensions


Pending government advice, these classes may be virtual/online instead of studio-based. Thank you for your patience as we await further advice. - Luke

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