Christmas Classes

Christmas brings an interesting challenge for vocational ballet students. After working hard through the Autumn term it's natural to want to spend time relaxing with the family and taking it easy, but it is also important to maintain as much a normal level of loading through the body as possible. This means to take some time doing impact exercises to mimic allegro, to engage your turnout muscles in similar ranges as you would in adage, to engage core muscles and leg muscles and foot muscles in similar ways, to maintain loading through tendons and ligaments etc. Research shows that the body can adapt to a high level of loading but struggles with sudden changes in activity levels. Christmas presents exactly this situation, so it's worth being proactive in minimising any loss of strength and an increased injury risk.


The Ballet Physio Christmas Classes are designed to be attended live via zoom and then repeated via private replay at times during the holidays that suit you and your time with your family. These classes will be structured to give different levels of exercises to work through in the replays. 



Luke is a physiotherapist specialising in ballet medicine who used to be the sole physiotherapist at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden (whilst also being a house parent to the graduating year) and offers insights into the elite training world in amongst exercises specifically designed for vocational students. Class sizes are limited to ensure individual corrections throughout for those joining live.



Christmas Conditioning Monday 21st December 9.30-11.30am

2 hours

Addressing a bit of everything your body needs for ballet training

Christmas Fitness + Impact Monday 21st December 12.30-1.30pm

1 hour

Improving your stamina and keeping your body conditioned to impact work for your return to the studio

Christmas Core + Balance Tuesday 22nd December 10-11.30am

1 1/2 hours

Ensuring the fundamentals actually improve over the break rather than decondition

Christmas Hip Strength Tuesday 22nd December 11.30am-1pm

1 1/2 hours

Working on strength of the standing leg, working leg, extensions, turnout - the hip is a vital part of a dancer's facility!

Christmas Feet Wednesday 23rd December 10-11am

1 hour

Improving foot control, intrinsic strength, and coordination


Classes are designed to provide progressive strengthening and conditioning work to use over the holidays to supplement your technique training and keep you prepared for a return to class in the New Year.

All classes are available in two ways - live via zoom, or on-demand by accessing a private (unsearchable, unshareable) youtube link recorded in the live class for registered class participants only. Classes are aimed at vocational ballet students aged 11-17. All new patients are required to have a brief online assessment prior to the first class.



New Assessment: £15 - new patients must have a one-off 15-minute online assessment prior to the first class - please email to arrange an appointment beforehand

Christmas Conditioning £20

Christmas Fitness + Impact £10

Christmas Core + Balance £15

Christmas Hip Strength £15

Christmas Feet £10

Ballet Physio Christmas Classes
Dec 21, 10:00 AM – Dec 23, 11:00 AM
Ballet Physio Christmas Classes
Dec 21, 10:00 AM – Dec 23, 11:00 AM


What should I wear to the class?

Comfortable ballet attire will be best - the more I can see the more I can correct and help you! Leotard, perhaps with shorts or baggies if desired.

What equipment do I need?

Mostly just yourself, a mat, and zoom and wifi access. Some exercises require other equipment including theraband, yoga/pilates blocks, light hand weights, soft pilates ball, a cushion.

I've missed the start but I'm still interested to join - is this possible?

Yes! As all classes are recorded for class participants, you can catch up on the replay and/or join us live when you've done so.

I have to miss a class because of a clash - what can I do? Also: I really want to do the class but I can't make that time -what can I do?

Due to the fact we record each class for the signed-up participants of each class, if you sign up but can't make the time you will still have access to the replay. You will hear and see the corrections I give to the dancers in the live room, which will help you to apply these cues to your own performance. (You can also email me a short clip of you doing an exercise you're really not sure of and I can offer some advice!)

I can't access the youtube replay - what can I do?

Please check that you are logged into youtube using the email address you registered for the course. You will need to have a youtube account with that email address. This is so youtube recognises you to give you permission to view, and is an important privacy setting for us.


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