Autumn Half Term Programme


We've all heard this is a difficult and unprecedented time:

  • It takes more to stand out than ever before

  • Autumn term sees the highest rate and the highest severity of injury

  • Autumn term is where most audition preparation takes place


This is where your secret weapon comes in!


Optimise your ballet facility so you can apply class corrections quickly, develop your extensions to new heights, jump higher off the floor, and minimise the risk of injury which could delay your studio work.

Ballet Physio Autumn Half Term Intensive
Oct 26, 9:00 AM – Oct 30, 5:00 PM

There are three different ways to benefit:

1. Daily Online Conditioning Classes

9.00am-11.00am Monday to Friday, get your day started off with a comprehensive series of exercises to challenge your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and stamina. Exercises progress each day, so this is intended as a complete course rather than individual sessions. Attend live via zoom or via private replay link at a time that suits you.

2. 2 x In-Person Studio Classes.

We're back in the studio! Come to Danceworks in Mayfair and enjoy the socially-distanced space and corrections in 3D. Each class is stand alone and will focus on different aspects of ballet cross training. Strict covid-secure guidelines are in operation in the building for the safety of all.

3. 15 x Online Drop-In Classes.

A vast selection of different topics to address via zoom - either live or by private replay link. As with all classes, numbers are limited to enable individual corrections. Most classes have a 'part 2' which builds on the first class, and attendance to both is encouraged.

New Patients require a New Assessment ticket in addition to their class tickets.

Monday 12pm: Core 1
Monday 1pm: Pirouettes 1
Monday 2pm: Mini-Trampoline Allegro 1
Monday 3pm: Extensions 1
Monday 4pm: Flexibility 1

Wednesday 12pm: Preliminary Pointe Strength

Wednesday 1pm: Advanced Pointe Strength

Wednesday 2pm: Pirouettes 2

Wednesday 3pm: Turnout 1

Wednesday 4pm: Extensions 2

Friday 12pm: Mini-Trampoline Allegro 2

Friday 1pm: Core 2

Friday 2pm: Turnout 2

Friday 3pm: Extensions 3

Friday 4pm: Flexibility 2

Ballet Physio Autumn Half Term Intensive
Oct 26, 9:00 AM – Oct 30, 5:00 PM


The following ticket options are available - mix and match which parts of the programme you wish to attend:

1. New Online Assessment


All new patients require a New Online Assessment ticket as a professional physiotherapy requirement. Please add this to your basket and email with some preferred times to secure an appointment. This must be done before 23rd October. £15

2. All-Inclusive Pass

The full week - all daily online classes, all online drop-in classes, and both in-person studio classes. 29 hours of physiotherapist-supervised training to turbocharge the remainder of the Autumn term. £250

3. Daily Class Pass

All Daily Online Conditioning Classes via zoom, either live or via private replay. 10 hours of strengthening and balancing exercises.


4. Two In-Person Class Pass

Attend both In-Person Studio Classes at Danceworks, Mayfair.


5. Individual In-Person Class Passes

If you only wish to attend one of the in-person classes, purchase a ticket for that one class.

£32 each

6. All Online Drop-In Class Pass

All 55minute-long drop in classes focusing on specific balletic skills and areas of the body. 15 hours of focused attention on ballet's fundamentals and complexities.


7. Individual Drop-In Class Passes

Pick and choose which classes to add to your week's calendar and purchase each class ticket separately.

£10 each


Who should attend the course?

Classes are aimed at vocational ballet students aged 11-18 who are seeking to improve their facility (ie the natural areas of strength and flexibility in the body). All new patients are required to have a brief online assessment prior to the first class.

What happens if I have covid19 symptoms before the in-person classes?

Please do not attend, but contact Luke via to arrange a ticket exchange.

What should I wear to the class?

Comfortable ballet attire will be best - the more I can see the more I can correct and help you! Leotard, perhaps with shorts or baggies if desired.

Photo: Drew Tommons

What equipment do I need?

For online classes, mostly just yourself, ballet attire, a mat, and zoom and wifi access. A mini-trampoline (not full size) is required for the Mini-Trampoline Allegro class. Other commonly used equipment includes theraband, yoga/pilates blocks, light hand weights, soft pilates ball, a cushion. For in-person classes, ballet attire, a face covering, water bottle and theraband.

I've missed the start but I'm still interested to join - is this possible?

Yes! As all classes are recorded for class participants, you can catch up on the replay and join us live when you've done so.

I have to miss a class because of a clash - what can I do? Also: I really want to do the class but I can't make that time -what can I do?

Due to the fact we record each online class for the signed-up participants of the class, if you sign up but can't make the time you will still have access to the replay. You will hear and see the corrections I give to the dancers in the live room, which will help you to apply these cues to your own performance. (You can also email me a short clip of you doing an exercise you're really not sure of and I can offer some advice!) Regarding the in-person classes, I'm afraid there isn't the technology support to enable us to record.

I can't access the youtube replay - what can I do?

Please check that you are logged into youtube using the email address you registered for the course. You will need to have a youtube account with that email address. This is so youtube recognises you to give you permission to view, and is an important privacy setting for us.


Luke is a physiotherapist specialising in ballet medicine who used to be the sole physiotherapist at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden (whilst also being a house parent to the graduating year) and offers insights into the elite training world in amongst exercises specifically designed for vocational students. Class sizes are limited to ensure individual corrections throughout for those joining live.

Ballet Physio Autumn Half Term Intensive
Oct 26, 9:00 AM – Oct 30, 5:00 PM

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