All new dancers joining the Ballet Physio require a New Online Class Assessment as a professional physiotherapy requirement.

An annual assessment is mandatory for dancers continuing with classes. (This is covered by an assessment in a 1 to 1 consultation in that period, but dancers who haven't had a consultation will need a separate assessment.).

Please click the button to the right to pre-purchase your assessment and then arrange an appointment time by emailing


New Class Assessment- 15 minute basic assessment for all new Dancers

Online only £15

Add on: Basic Report for an additional £15

Express Assessment - 15 minute basic annual re-assessment

Online only £15

Add on: Basic Report for an additional £15

Comprehensive Ballet Assessment  - Assessment of natural facility and functional control - 1 hour

Online £75 (with limitation on ability to assessment precise muscle activations)

In-person £98

Add on: Comprehensive Report for an additional £25

Injury Assessment Consultation - 1 hour assessment

Online £75

In-person £98




Luke is a physiotherapist specialising in ballet medicine who used to be the sole physiotherapist at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden (whilst also being a house parent to the graduating year) and offers insights into the elite training world in amongst exercises specifically designed for vocational students.