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Luke Abnett - The Ballet Physio

Luke Abnett

Luke developed his passion for helping ballet dancers achieve their greatest physical potential during his six years at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden, London.

In addition to managing student injuries, he drove the

development of elite level healthcare at the school by achieving the following:

  • injury prevention prehabilitation classes

  • co-founding the Royal Ballet Science and Medicine Advisory Group, which linked both upper and lower school sites with the Royal Ballet company

  • overseeing healthcare provision at the upper school including sports medicine physicians, GP, dietician, podiatrist and massage therapy

  • an integrated Physical Conditioning curriculum incorporating fitness training and pilates

  • instigating the school's first start-of-year physical profiling programme

  • regular accredited academic classes in injury prevention and anatomy for dancers

​Now Luke is exclusively in private practice, he enjoys the challenge of bringing world class health care to young dancers outside the major institutions. He enjoys the opportunity to address issues which limit a dancer's potential, instead of solely treating injuries. He enjoys hearing reports from teachers about how much better a dancer can support their turnout, or how much higher they can hold their arabesque. His dancers also benefit from Luke working closely with dance teachers in assisting a dancer to recover as quickly as possible from injury and miss as little training time as possible. Luke also brings with him access to his network of healthcare professionals who are experienced in supporting dancers.

Luke has presented widely on ballet injury rehabilitation at conferences of:


  • the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine

  • the English Institute of Sport

  • the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine.


He is a published blogger for the British Journal of Sports Medicine and was a visiting lecturer in dance medicine at the University College London and the University of East London. He has been interviewed for podcasts by Elmhurst teacher and former Royal Ballet First Artist Sander Blommaert, Jasmine Cook at SciDance, and Maya McKeever at Online Ballet Academy.

Luke is available for private consultations online, in Natureworks (located within Danceworks, Mayfair) and in Covent Garden Physio (located within Somerset House). He can sometimes be found delivering private studio sessions, exercise classes, or specific skills masterclasses - either independently or through a ballet school.

Luke also treats non-dance sports injuries and postural problems, and offers Vocal Physiotherapy for singers.


In addition to his work at the Royal Ballet School as physiotherapist, Luke was also a house parent for second and third year students. After leaving the school, Luke was the head of the Dance Medicine Clinic at Prime Health in Weybridge, Surrey. In Somerset House he works with a team supporting the cast and crew of the Lion King and various West End productions. He enjoys his close work with the Academy of Balletic Arts, Ballet Boost, Dance Gems, and the South London Dance Studios.

Originally Australian, Luke trained at the University of Queensland and worked with adolescent sporting teams in rowing, tennis, running, gymnastics, and volleyball before relocating to the UK. He has also worked in specialist pain management programmes both in Australia and in the NHS.

Away from physiotherapy, Luke enjoys keeping fit in the gym and by playing tennis. He indulges his creative side as resident choreographer, lead dance captain and trustee for onstage performance for the London Gay Men's Chorus.